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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Jumpsuit guy's name is David (see the post entitled "Sitting" for an explanation of who he is). That's my name (not that I have a monopoly on it). Kinda weird.

My wife met me for lunch today and parked the car at a meter on the street right by jumpsuit guy's usual bench. He said "Hello" and was waving to our son (daughter was at pre-school). Moments earlier, before we'd gotten out of the car, he'd been having a rambling conversation with someone who wasn't there. My wife of course strikes up a brief conversation with him. I'd managed "good morning" after all the times I'd walked past him on the way into the building, but nothing more than that. She can effortlessly interact with anyone. After I'd left, she found out he had grandkids. You don't think about homeless people having family.

I remember reading in an art book once that you haven't really seen something until you've drawn it. Likewise, perhaps you haven't really noticed someone until you've written about him.


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