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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Challenges of raising a linguistically-advanced 5 year old (or playing the thesaurus game)

Standing in the pantry at lunch today, I noticed something I hadn't seen in there before up high on a shelf. I didn't know if it was a recent purchase or something that had been bought in a moment of weakness or given to us and my wife was now trying to keep our daughter from remembering it and hoping it would dissolve into the limbo of the upper pantry shelves. Our girl was in the kitchen with us, and I thought spelling it out would only increase her curiosity. So I found myself asking my wife in a halting query

"So, when did we get the Greetings-Feline, Explode-Strumpets?"

After a brief moment of translation this had my wife on the floor in laughter (not rolling on the floor mind you, so just OFL) which ceased only when it frightened our 15 month old son and started him crying.

Oh, the lengths we go. Maybe it was unnecessary, but when we're trying to get our daughter, who is generally an excellent eater, but with intermittant finicky spells, to eat a substantial, non-sugar-coated lunch, I didn't want to spell out H-E-L-L-O K-I-T-T-Y P-O-P T-A-R-T-S.


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