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Thursday, November 30, 2006

The weather is pouring in tonight. It was in the 70's here today with a gusty wind and a humid atmosphere. It's nearly 10:00 at night now and it's still in the mid-60's with a heavy rain. One state over to the west in Arkasas it's in the 30's with a wind chill in the 20's. They're predicting snow showers here by morning. Crazy.

This is the kind of weather that ought to make animals skittish and people a little nutty. Change is in the air.

For the sake of the kids, I hope we do get some nice snows this winter.

Soon to come I need to get a post up about the similarities between karaoke and blogging. I started drafting it a couple of weeks ago then set it aside. After that one you may note a shift in directions here, something along the lines of a prismatic splintering. I've been more reflective and inwardly focused till now. This place may get a little fictional. Maybe poetic. Maybe political. Let me know what you do or don't like. You, whoever you are out there, are at least as important to this process as I am.


Blogger Variations On A Theme said...

I think you should try it all. I'm just glad you're writing.

1:44 AM, December 01, 2006  

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