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Friday, December 05, 2008

The Hugability of Monsters

Playing with our nearly 4 year boy the other day up in the kid's bedroom. For now, they still share it although the day will likely soon come when older sister and younger brother will need their own space. I'll be saddened when this era is over. Their bedroom is an upstairs room in our house with the fun of angled ceilings and dormers and a small door that goes to attic space which I converted to a toy closet. It was our bedroom when we first moved into the house as it is the largest room outside of the living room. It's carpeted now and painted 6 different colors. Yes, I said "six" and that doesn't count white for the trim.

Our first attempt on painting the room was a blend of pale yellow on the multi-faceted ceiling and a pastel purle on two facing walls. Later, we found this little rug our daughter picked out that had rainbow stripes of bold colors. Green, orange, blue, red, purple and yellow. And there you go. The North faciling wall (which has a big dormer in it) is a lime green with the sides of the dormer painted bright orange. The wall you enter the room (west) is bright blue. The South wall is red. The East wall, formerly pale purple had to be upgraded with a more vibrant purple after the other colors overpowered it. The ceiling and various associated slants remain the original yellow. The old ceiling fan had it's blades removed and each of the four painted to match one of the colors of the room. And despite predictions, it doesn't just look like an ugly brown when it is spinning.

Currently, the room is draped with sheets tied together and bungied to various door-knobs, furniture and hooks. Mattresses have been cast on the floor and the kids have been sleeping this way for a week. I started the whole thing a week ago. Of course now with an achy back I'm the one who has the hardest time getting in and out of their space to get clothes out of drawers or read books before bedtime or feed the gecko that now shares the room with them.

So I was up there playing with Ben and he was imagining and drawing on a Magna-Doodle. I'm mostly lying around on a mattress trying to play in the least mobile way possible. He draws an adorable "nice monster" on the doodle. The next thing you know, the monster has arrived at the door of the bedroom. I feign fear and scramble to hide in the tent. Ben assures me "It's okay, he's a nice monster" and runs to the door to hug the invisible arrival. As he wanders back across the room after this friendly greeting he adds casually "You can hug him. He's not gooey."

And so I do.


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