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Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Few Degrees of Separation

The temperature hovered around 37 degrees. A drenching chilling rain slumped through the sky. It smelled like snow, the air was pregnant with potential, but it didn't come. It was as if the climate walked a knife's edge. With all the moisture in the air, if the temperature dropped just a bit, the world would be transformed.

Mixed in with the large raindrops were the occasional rogue snowflakes. They somehow managed the transformation their brothers couldn't. They were so big and dense you almost felt them individually when they hit your coat.

Standing at an intersection waiting for a light to change, I could see two worlds. The one where I stood now, damp, chilling, dreary and loud with shushing traffic and drizzling water and another. One blanketed in white, silenced, purified, covered. In one world, everyone kept their heads down, even under umbrellas, trying to keep the rain out of their faces and their feet out of puddles. In the other, the faces turn upwards, open to the sky, seeking contact with the manna from above.


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