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Friday, January 28, 2011

First new post in two years.

Don't know that I'm back. But I wanted to make a small note somewhere out in the world about two people who I mentioned in this post years ago:

Gary and David.

David - the jumpsuit guy - is still there, surviving homelessness, sitting on a bench everyday. I first wrote about him almost 5 years ago and he'd been there for a while back then.

Gary - the security guard - came more and more out of his shell. He became a regular visitor to our office and others, ostensibly for the purpose of getting coffee, but more I think for human contact. He'd chit chat for a while and then make his way back to the lobby. One day last year, he was suddenly struggling with walking. He was afraid he'd had a stroke or something. He went to the VA to get checked out and they told him he had cancer. A tumor in his brain was causing the stroke like symptoms. The cancer had already spread throughout his body. They tried some treatments, but told him from the beginning there was little they could do. We saw him in the building for a few more weeks, then he was hospitalized, then in hospice and then he was gone. Within about 3 months he went from not knowing anything was wrong to death.

We miss him.


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