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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Tomorrow I’m on clear liquids. Then Friday I have a colonoscopy. Nothing is wrong. I have no symptoms, and I’m rather young for this, but my doctor thought it advisable to have one now since my mom had her run in with colon cancer last year.

There’s a little apprehension. Mostly I see it as an initiation. In a culture curiously devoid of rites of passage, this seems to be one of the few experiences that clearly qualifies you for adulthood. There also appears to be a fraternity or club of folks out there who have experienced this particularly unpleasant test. Everyone without exception who has had a colonoscopy has remarked to me some version of "it’s not the test, it the day before." I suppose I shall be the same.

I see tomorrow as something of a challenge, drinking these four liters of disgusting stuff that will clear out my system. I’m ready for that. However, in the last few days it has finally struck me that this test will have results. And that is what seems different.

I have no reason to think anything is wrong, but then again, neither did my mom.
Happy New Year to you all!

I have hope for 2007. Not hope in the sense that everything will be easy and comfortable, but hope in the sense that I will turn off the cruise control, exit the Interstate and drive through backwater towns and villages that won't always make for easy traveling, but will make for interesting vistas.

I can't say that I made resolutions this year, but I have chosen two mottos. They may sound like they conflict with one another, but I think in reality most of life is about balancing equal and unreconcilable principals. So for 2007 I am following the concept that "less is more" in some areas of my life and the mantra of "just do it" (no credit to Nike) in other areas and trying to simultaneously pursue both ideas in some portions of my life.

I have had an idea sneak up and find me recently and that may mean my writing energies are directed to places and projects other than this blog. I'll keep you posted.

In the mean time, may you find peace on earth, whatever parts of it you travel.