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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hello again...

Well. 2007 appears to be the year when everything goes wrong. Lisa's back went out, the kids have been sick (both of them on the day of their birthday or planned birthday party), the truck doesn't want to start many mornings, our phone line inside our house is messed up and the phone company won't do anything about it, our computer fried, our gas grill started leaking propane (yikes!), our cassette deck on our stereo died, the hamster escaped (and unfortunately hasn't returned), the dogs escaped (and unfortunately did return), my right shoulder is messed up, Lisa's thyroid isn't acting properly, Ben isn't gaining weight properly and I'm sure there are other things I'm forgetting.

The end result is our tax refund is spent before we've even got it back, we've met our deductable on our health insurance in record time and neither of us have been blogging lately.

We still have much to be thankful for. We've got a truck that occasionally acts up. We've got beautiful darling children who keep us up at night. We've got nagging aches and pains, but generally good health. We have a home. I've got a job that pays well enough that we can recover pretty easily from minor financial setbacks.

So now, this evening I've been trying to get our new Dell up and going and I've decided Windows Vista is kinda like a cheerleader girlfriend - pretty to look at but annoying in the long run. There aren't drivers yet for either of our printers and it took me about an hour to get our internet connection working. But we are connected again.

Maybe you'll hear more again soon.

I'm not so much into blogging these days, but I at least need to explain what I am doing with my writing energies.

p.s. Don't go see the Ghost Rider movie. It sucks big time.